The Lost River Paintings

15 pages= 15 paintings

I had a grand idea–purchase a pad of watercolor paper, 15 sheets=15 paintings (in 3 days). I forgot to take into account a few key things including-I haven’t painted in gouache (ever, my watercolor skills were average at best) which was to be my medium, and these 3 days (visiting Lost River, WV) were also to include relaxing, ice cream after lunch, mid-day naps, and long walks with George and Gus.

I ended up with 3 paintings (plenty of walks, ice cream and one mid-day nap), and the way the first one started out I am pretty satisfied I got through 3. I tried the first two without any pencil sketching and the first was very much just a warm up, the last (I’m not sure it would be considered plein air, maybe just a still life?) was a painted from two dead bees which were found dead in the sink drain and I decided to do a little pencil sketch first.

Lost River Echinacea

Lost River Farm Shed

Lost RIver Bees



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