Homebrewed Iced Tea

Homebrewed Tea

For the past few years George has been talking about brewing iced tea, he doesn’t drink any caffeine so when the warmer weather rolls around and iced tea becomes more and more inviting the subject always comes up. I was feeling particularly creatively inspired a few weeks ago (look for another post revealing the fruits of that creative burst in the next few weeks) and brewed up a few variations, mint, raspberry mint, and chamomile. I knew there was a reason I was saving all those glass bottles).

Pretty easy to do, but here’s our method:-Add 2 cups of boiling water to 5 teabags (we use caffeine free herbal varieties)
-Add a few tablespoons of sweetener (or not, I add a bit more then George does, sometimes I don’t think he adds any)
-Let tea steep
Once steeped and slightly cooled add 3 cups of cold water, shake it up to mix and refrigerate.
I mark the bottles with rubber bands that correspond to the flavor—it validates the fact that I have been saving grocery store rubber bands for 3+ years and have rarely had occasion to use them.


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