Eleuthera, It’s not for everyone

Eleuthera, Bahamas

Seems an odd tourist slogan, I’m not sure if it is official but I did see it peppered around the island back in May during our visit. While Eleuthera is a part of the Bahamas, it seems a world away from any vision of a Bahamas vacation I had ever seen. I believe there are only 2 actual resorts on the island, most people seem to opt for rental houses, which is what we did.

As a quick note I would say a few things to anyone thinking about visiting; If you plan on doing any exploring you will need to rent a car (don’t forget: “keep left, die right”), it might be a good idea to bring some food (especially if you are particular or sensitive)—restaurant open/closing times are a loose estimate of what may happen, on a few occasions a 20 min drive left us in front of a closed restaurant (after having been advised they were open on such-and-such a day/time). After a few days, I could see what they meant by ‘it’s not for everyone’ you definitely have to have a bit of adventure in your heart. The other must haves: sunscreen, bug spray, snorkel and mask, bottled water and sunglasses.

During our visit in mid-May, it had been a bit cooler then usual and the breeze across the water made it a little chilly to swim on some days (but with the beaches all to ourselves that did little to stop us.) The most noticeable adjustment upon return was having to wear pants, I’m pretty sure I was a bathing suit or cover-up for the duration of the trip.

Shown above (clockwise); The plane ride in, Gaulding Cay Beach, The Queen’s Bath, Surfer’s Beach, Coffee/Lunch shop in Governor’s Harbour, and the cove our cottage overlooked in Gregory Town.