Richmond Virginia in 24 hrs

Richmond Virginia

Richmond seemed a lot closer (to Baltimore) before we got stuck in traffic headed south on I-95. But, we eventually made it to our hotel (which had two extremely small elevators, not pictured, and a boom box for our convienence, also not pictured.)

To back up slightly, we (George, Sheena–which you may recall from here, and I) had planned this quick trip to Richmond around a solo-Mike Cooley show at The Capital Ale House back in June. As with any trip, I did a little poking around and ask for suggestions on places to go and eat. I had said list in hand that included restaurants, historical sites, outdoor activities (my notion of what can be completed in 24 hrs was a bit overreaching) but quickly realized the trip would be closer to a montage of quick stops then a photo essay on Richmond’s rich offerings.

As shown above clockwise from top left: Starting off at 11:38, a bit later then planned. Traffic. Buzz and Ned’s BBQ (I ordered beef, Sheena ordered pork and we split them, both were good, but we leaned more towards the pork. Coleslaw and Mac and Cheese were both great. George got a meal on his own, and it came with two sides and  garlic bread, which I thought was a bit odd (cornbread is the way to go, hands down.) The stage at The Captial Ale House (the show was great). My first Angry Orchard Apple Ginger, which was great, But even greater was the cool ice block that was inset into the bar and used instead of coasters. And finally, as our morning farewell to the city we barely saw, chicken fried steak and eggs at Weezies.